Le borse (Bags)


Le borse (Bags)

1998- 2012 Performance e Archive
The bags that I have used and that I will use over the course of my life. I am the subject: I buy, I use, I do not separate myself from my work and life, it all becomes part of me

Installation at Open Doors Citywide Arts Festival, Enjoy/Endure –
The City and Its People, Gallery Crawl 77 Market St,
newarkarts.org - New Ark, NJ, US

Performance at Rabbithole Project
curated by EOarts

Bags Is on ongoing performance that investigates the limits between art and life.
Using a raw, humorous, and absurd style, with displays his personal bag collection, accessories he used until they where no longer wearable and that have become part of his personal belongings archive since 1998. During the performance he show up last bags no more usable and change whit a new bag and exposing all the contents in the bags usually he have with him. He invites the audience to be part of his memory process where each bag represent a stage of life, particular experience, or a particular place. He creates a synergy with his environment and encourages participants to revisit their memories based on their personal belongings..