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the art book is cleared and comes with voice
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The e-book of sound art is a new art phenomenon that will leave you appreciative and thoroughly entertained. For newcomers in the artistic world, sound

art may sound new, but it has been around for several decades now. For those used to art in form of music, paintings, drawings, sculpturing and other tangible forms, there is a new interesting concept in town. the Sound artist book is a contemporary artistic genre that uses sound as the basic medium as well as the subject of the presentation. It is an art that combines various art forms but which generally converts sound into corresponding visual i

mages or graphics that can be figured out.
How? Most of you are aware that sound is invisible, but as an artist, I am able to conceptualize and then figure out the image represented by each sound and put it in a visible form! I have put many graphics and im

ages into my project and completed an e-book that is an awesome experience. It is a complex mix of art that is simply and clearly defined in this book. It is a combination of paintings, drawings and simple graphics depicting the nature of sound. When you see the book, you can definitely see the prospect of representing sound invisible forms. The book is titled 0=Untitled. As one sound artist, Susan Philipsz sai

d, a sound is an invisible object that is emotive and relates deeply to the inward feelings of the individual. Get your emotional inward feelings out through 0=Untitled

Atelier di Francese
mixt on paper attached on wood

Les temps, le corps, le visage, - film facile.
collage mixt on paper

Untitled B01
mixt on paper

Untitled B02
mixt on paper